Run Time: Under the Rainbow (1981)

Directed by: Steve Rash
Starring: Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, Adam Arkin, Billy Barty
Running Time: 1 hour, 38 mins.

Today’s Film:

under the rainbow -poster

Lifted from Judy Garland’s ugly anecdote, Rainbow lampoons the time 124 future-Munchkins crashed the Culver Hotel while shooting Wizard of Oz. Tiny hookers; dead dogs; a sheep fucker; Asians incapable of pronouncing L’s. -no one escapes offense, audience included.
ESPECIALLY upsetting is seeing sweet Fisher molested by a snarling, scarred, midget Nazi’s sword. Suddenly Slave Leia feels as flat-out feminist as Rosie the Riveter. Only Chase’s dignity survives by (somehow) having nothing to do.

under the rainbow -chase

Seriously? I’m just going to stand around for this ENTIRE picture?

I admire its balls. But its cop-out, ‘just a dream’ ending is one big ‘Fuck You’ after a cavalcade of crap. (98)

under the rainbow -still

Pictured: Under the Rainbow‘s test audience, fleeing the screening in horror.


This Film’s Trailer:

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