Run Time: Space Station 76

Directed by: Jack Plotnick
Starring: Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson, Jerry O’Connell
Running Time: 1 hour, 33 mins.

Today’s Film:

space station -poster

Patrick Wilson: Underrated Actor. With blue eyes and corn fed good looks, he’s the sultan of suburban angst. Little Children. Lakeview Terrace. Insidious. And even in Watchmen, to a crazy extent.

Watchmen (2009)

An A-list looker with a C-list career, Wilson exudes the bittersweet aura of a prom king who’s too good for the Nebraskan town he stayed around in after high school. (Which Young Adult totally nails.)

patrick wilson -young adult

Even as Lt. Travis in The Alamo, he’s a man meant for more -cut down before he ever took off.

patrick wilson -travis
Also, unrelated, have you seen him sing? (93)

This Film’s Trailer:

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