Daisy Dukes: ‘The Chain Gang’ (1930)

Points to Disney for straying from tired settings like stages and barnyards. Still, expect this to be a short entry as the first four (of eight minutes) are, again, all musical numbers.

chain gang -musical

Okay, so it’s not exactly HBO’s Oz.

Minute five is when shit gets interesting. Misunderstandings send bullets blazing over the prison yard, prompting prisoners to scramble and Mickey to make a break for it. Instantly, the hounds are after him. And, after a few minutes’ chase, BOOM. Twist ending. They capture him. Mickey ends the short in jail. WHICH, I imagine, had to have been awkward later considering the fact that both hounds like this:

chain gang -pluto

Why am I suddenly hankering for kettle corn?

Notice I said ‘both’. No, neither of these pups are Pluto. But, considering the fact that Pluto officially pops up in two shorts’ time (1930’s The Picnic), these hounds are hints of history to come.

*Come Back Next Saturday for Daisy Duke’s 31st Installment: The Gorilla Mystery!!!*

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