The Bliss of Not Knowing (Or, Ads At Nauseam)

“Let the Audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever.” -director Ernst Lubitsch Last October, an ex and I pried our bodies from our soft, safe sheets and plunged into a fog so moody and moor-ish, Poe would’ve positively beamed. It was a Sunday. And, rather than doze off during services, we’d decided to enlist…

Daisy Dukes: Superman: The Arctic Giant (1942)

Apes. Ants. Alligators. Spiders. Snails. Even Praying Mantises, for Christ’s sake. If it’s creepy, it’s crept down Main Street USA to the shriek of tax-paying citizens. Giant Things-That-Aren’t-Typically-Giant is nothing new. It’s like Yeah, yeah. We get it: Monster crushes car, Monster batters building, Monster is impervious to bullets. We’ve been at this since Godzilla. Except, wait: Fleischer’s Arctic Giant beats Godzilla by 12 years.