Run Time: Hook (1991)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts
Running Time: 2 hours, 24 min.

Today’s Film:


Nina Boucicault. Pauline Chase. Zena Dare. Maude Adams. Mary Martin. From 1904 to 2013, from West End to Broadway to NBC, Peter Pan is perpetually portrayed by a woman on stage. Why? For one: London law kicked kids off stage after 9PM. And because Barrie missed that whole “chopping off boys’ balls to keep their soprano range” fad, why not give grown girls a shot? It’s like how all your cherished, cartoon lads were voiced by real-life ladies. Meet:

bobby hill -pamela adlon

Bobby Hill (Pamela Adlon)

Elizabeth Daily2

Tommy Pickles (Elizabeth Daily)

Bart Simpson -Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright)

Spielberg hints at this history in Hook. Look at who plays Pan in the film’s opening, primary school play:

Hook -girl Pan

This play was so terrible, you could say it was “panned”. Get it??

And whoa: Is that Adult Female Glenn Close jumping gender to play a Pirate? (Yup.)

Hook -Glenn Close

Pictured: Albert Nobbs’ origin story.

So, bring on the next girl Pan! But, NBC: promise me it won’t be some stone-cold hottie playing a pre-teen Peter. Pleeeease: No boner confusion*.

allison williams

Well, shit.

*Dibs on the band name.

The Movie’s Trailer:

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